Dura HyperAXIS


Custom Actuator for a Motion Simulator Durable Hyper Model



Hi Power Stroke 100mm Reinforced Liner Bearing for Radial Load

DuraHyperAXIS comes with Custom AMP for 48V Motor

We have changed grease of all
DuraHyperAXIS, HyperAXIS, SCN6-060-, SCN6-080-
Actuators to PTFE type as known as a Teflon Grease for Hi-Performance and anti heat resistance.

PTFE grease fully filled inside of the shaft and outer sleeve also has a Ventilation port on side of the shaft to prevent smoothness by compression, vacuuming and blow out grease from thread.

As the result got higher power, speed and no squeaking after melt grease by a heat of old type grease.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg